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5 Tips for Creating a Family Calendar

  • Posted on March 2, 2012 at 7:26 pm

Life can often become very busy. Sometimes it can be pretty difficult to keep track of all the appointments, meetings and special events for a particular day, not to mention a week, or even an entire month. Family schedules can get even more chaotic as they often deal with the obligations of various people, instead of just one individual. Creating a family calendar is a good way to plan ahead and get organized. Here are some tips to make your family calendar a success.

1. Pick A Format

When creating a family calendar, the first step is choosing how you want your calendar to be planned out. Does your family think that an electronic calendar or a paper calendar would work better? Electronic calendars can be created and accessed on computers or as an application on a smart phone. Paper calendars are the better choice if not everyone in the family has access to an electronic device. Paper calendars can be anything from a desk calendar or a wall calendar to a dry erase board.

2. Fill In As Much Information As You Can

As soon as you get your calendar, fill in things such as holidays and birthdays for the entire year. School calendar information should also be filled in, such as school closing, parent-teacher conferences and any special events. When other events are scheduled, such as a doctor’s appointment, they should be written on the calendar immediately. By putting it in writing right away, there is less chance that the appointment information will be remembered incorrectly, or not at all. If the work schedules of the adults require traveling, business trips should be added to the calendar in advance as well.

3. Flexibility Is Important

It is often recommended that pencil should be used when creating a family calendar. Plans can change, appointments may be canceled and meetings can get rescheduled. Every once in a while, you may find that your calendar has a conflict, with more than one activity scheduled for a given time. If this is the case, it is necessary to split up the tasks amongst the family members or reschedule one of the activities.

4. Involve The Entire Family

A family calendar will only help organize your life if everyone in the family is involved. It is important that the calendar be displayed where everyone can see it. Each family member should get into the habit of checking the calendar on a daily basis, and should even add their own activities to it. By being a part of the creating of the calendar, each member will be more aware of it, and checking the calendar will become part of the daily routine.

5. Make It Fun

There is no reason that something practical has to be boring. In fact, adding things such as color coding and stickers or symbols can even make the family calendar easier to use. Young children that aren’t able to read very well can still recognize symbols or pictures, such as a cake to signify a birthday, or a ball to represent sports. Color coding can also make the calendar easier to read at a glance. If each member of the family has his/her own color, he/she can just look at the events highlighted in that particular color.

Sometimes, a little organization is all it takes to reduce chaos. A family calendar is a great way to plan ahead, and keep everyone in the family involved in each other’s lives. One last tip that shouldn’t go unsaid is to make sure to plan time just to be together. If you notice that the hustle and bustle of everyday life is making everyone go their own separate ways, mark a family day on the calendar. Sometimes you just need to plan to have no plans!

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